IV Hydration: A Healthy Solution To Dehydration

IV hydration helping with increased recovery

Water is required for overall balanced health. It is the best liquid for staying hydrated. Your body eliminates water faster when the weather is hot, whenever you’re physically active, or in case of a fever. You will require more than a bottle of water to recover. If you become dehydrated, IV hydration is a powerful solution in a medical setting such as a hospital or emergency room.

Mild Hydration

Mild dehydration is distinguished by thirst and a standard discomfort and is generally resolved by drinking water. Vomiting, diarrhea, and fever can increase children chance of becoming dehydrated. Vomiting and diarrhea may also lead to rapid water loss.

Adults are not likely to need IV rehydration, but there is always a possibility. IV rehydration involves a couple of risks. It may also potentially cause a nutrient imbalance in your body. As oral rehydration is not as painful, less invasive, more affordable, and simpler to provide, it’s the treatment of choice for mild dehydration.


Dehydration happens when free water loss exceeds cost-free water intake, usually due to work out or disease. Dehydration can be brought on by a wide array of diseases and states that impair water homeostasis within the body. It occurs when you have lost a significant amount of fluids from your body. A decrease of over fifteen to twenty-five percent of the human body water is invariably fatal. Intravenous hydration is the solution. 

De-hydration can cause real problems in the wrong circumstances

IV Hydration Solution

IV hydration is a secure and quick means to supply the vitamin and nutrient to boost your body needs. It is a great supplement to help restore and maintain the body’s balance. The IV regulates the amount of fluid going into the vein. Unique fluids can be used in the IV, such as electrolytes and vitamins. Exercising vigorously without drinking enough fluids lead to dehydration. You must replenish both the liquid and electrolytes. 

IV hydration therapy is normally used when treating cases of severe dehydration. It can take as little as 30 minutes. Treatments can take no more than 15 minutes. With IV drips, your body will receive a high concentration of vitamins than if you were taking vitamins orally. Vitamins taken orally are broken down in the digestive tract and the stomach is limited to an absorption rate of 50 percent. With IV, the absorption rate is 90 percent.

Methods of Hydration

Drinks, besides the water, and foods can hydrate you. Energy drinks usually contain considerable amounts of caffeine. They are not the same as sports drinks. Sports drinks can be beneficial if you are thinking about exercising at higher than normal levels for at least one hour. Even caffeinated drinks ( for instance, coffee, tea, and soda) can promote your everyday water intake. 

Hydration instrumental to your health

The all-natural aging process can lessen the efficacy of the thirst response. The mixture of amino acids, electrolytes, and nutrients delivered right into the bloodstream delivers fast relief from many of ailments. The solution fed through the IV is utilized to renew the fluid balance in your physique. Your entire body is dependent upon water to survive. 

Keeping your body hydrated is a significant portion of your general wellness. The duration, the sum of fluids requirements will count on the effectiveness of their dehydration. Whether you are looking to minimize the repercussions of aging, recovering from an injury or illness, or looking to maintain overall well-being, IVs administered can remedy to your hydration.

IV Hydration: Medical

One of the most common occurrences in hospital rooms or emergency rooms is getting IV hydration. The intravenous catheter allows medication and fluids to flow into your vein in your hand or your arm. Trained professionals administered an IV in the hospital or emergency room by sticking the needle inside the catheter. Inserting an IV is typically not painful, but the initial stick can be quite painful, especially if the needle is inserted incorrectly and multiple attempts are required. Also, if the patient is dehydrated. The healthcare professional will adjust the application and monitor to make sure the rates of fluids are administered correctly.

IV Medical: The Purpose

IVs are required medically for several reasons. They include when there are issues with the digestive system when you need more fluids than you can drink, receive a blood transfusion, to get medication when it can not be taken by mouth.

In the scenario of overwhelming infection, low blood pressure and massive bleeding, IV treatments can be instrumental in cases of survival. 

IV Hydration: On-Demand

IVs plays an important part in the medical community. However, there is a trend developing around the use of IVs. The trend is the use of IV when it is not medically necessary or recommended by a doctor. The procedures are known as IV on demand. The companies are promising speedy recovery from jet lag, hangovers, and other intravenous solutions.

Celebrity use of on-demand IV hydration has contributed to the increasing use of these services and they are trending all over the United States. You can simply request the IV fluids. A nurse or healthcare professional will come to your home, your office or your hotel room and place an IV catheter in your arm and administer the fluids requested. Mobile buses are available as well to administers the IV hydration services. The fluids include vitamins, pain medication, electrolytes, anti-nausea drug or heart remedies. 

IV Medical: The uses

IVs vitamin infusions are used for a variety of concerns. Traditional IV therapy uses includes migraines, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, pain, muscle spasms, and sinus and respiratory tract infection. IV therapy is used for patients who are not able to get enough nourishment through food or have an illness that interferes with their bodies natural nutrient absorption. IVs are used to hydrate the elderly and the very young when recovering from the flu.

IV on Demand: Requirements

IV therapy is being used across the United States for quick rehydration such as running, jet lag, skin clarity, and to cure hangovers. Other uses include a remedy for dehydration after exercise or alcohol intake, boosting the immune system to increase energy level. The most popular reason for IV hydration is to rid the body of toxins, to relieve stress, to balance hormones and to boost immune to make skin healthier. 

Is IV healthy?

Yes. But there are risks. IV treatment is an invasive procedure. The site of the injection can become infected, which is painful. There is a chance a vein can become blocked or inflamed with blood clots. Air embolism can occur in the IV line, and they could cause a stroke. If the fluid is administered quickly, there could also be a risk of overhydration. 

You must not underestimate the effects of overhydration since it will throw off balance all the functions within the body. The hazards of overhydration are all related to the capacity of the body to get rid of extra fluid. Another potential risk is getting an incorrect mixture of electrolytes. While these complications are rare, there is a risk. Treatments are not necessary then the risk it’s not worth taking. 


The trends for IV fluids are unproven, and the medical risks or are low but real. Cost of on-demand IV fluids is not covered by medical insurance. The price of the services ranges from $200 to $800.

Just remember the therapy and fluids that are offered through these services can be easily obtained by drinking fluids, taking over the counter medication and taking generic vitamins. 

The Benefits of IV Therapy

IV therapy has the benefit of increasing athletic performance
IV Therapy can boost performance

There are several benefits of IV therapy.

Vitamins The first benefit is that it is guaranteed that you will be able to absorb your vitamins a lot better. If you are taking a lot of different medications or you have medical issues, then it can make it more difficult for the body to absorb some of the nutrients that it needs to function properly. But once you have done the IV therapy, then you are going to know that you will be able to get your vitamins inside of the bloodstream. Therefore, the body will be able to utilize the vitamins as soon as possible.

Boost Energy

The second benefit is that you will see a boost in your energy. If you are a person who suffers from anxiety, chronic fatigue, a common cold, depression, or a respirator, then you will need to have IV therapy. This is because it can boost your immune system. It will help you to feel more refreshed and energized.


The third benefit is that you will be installing hydration if you are dehydrated. This is one of the best ways that you will be able to provide your body with the hydration that it needs so that all of your vital organs are going to function properly. This means that is also going to help to make sure that you are not going to have any medical issues related to your vital organs like constipation and kidney stones. Plus, you are not going to have to worry about any damage to your muscles.

IV Treatment

The fourth benefit is that any treatments that you are receiving are going to work a lot faster than if you were not taking the IV therapy. This means that you won’t have to wait a long time for your treatment to work for you. Plus, it is only going to take about an hour for IV therapy to be done. Therefore, you will be able to relax and enjoy the whole process in an environment that is comfortable.


The fifth benefit is that you will have the ability to customize the treatment plan. There are a variety of different IV therapies that are available for you to choose from. This means that you are going to want to pick a plan that will meet all of your nutritional needs. One of the most popular types of IV therapies is known as the Myers cocktail. This is something that you are going to want to use if you want relief from any type of fatigue that you have, muscle spasms, or allergies. This is because it has all of the vitamins that you need like Vitamins B and C, calcium, and magnesium. But when you talk to the doctor, the doctor will be able to come up with a custom plan based on your treatment goals and the nutritional deficiencies that you might have.

IV Therapy Replaces Pills

The sixth benefit is that you are no longer going to need to rely as much as some of the pills that you might have been taking before the IV therapy. This means that you will not have to take some of the nutritional supplements that can add up to a lot of money because you will have to take them several times during the day. The doctor will work with you to help you to determine exactly what your body is going to need and how often you will need to get the IV therapy.

Preventive Therapies

The seventh benefit is that it is something that you are going to be able to use for preventive health care. This is because of the Vitamin C that is inside of the IV therapy. It is known to be very toxic to the cells in your body that could be cancerous and it can be very effective when it comes to building up your immunity. Then, if you are having regular sessions of the IV therapy, it will be able to help with the more chronic conditions like migraines and respiratory illnesses.


The eighth benefit is that all of the results are going to happen almost immediately after you have had the IV therapy. It might take up to two days for you to be able to digest the foods that you are eating properly. But with the IV therapy, you will notice the positive effects that it will have on your body instantly. Within just a few hours, you will be able to fill the full effect of the nutrients that are inside of the IV therapy. This means that you will have a lot more energy, have a better mood, and think a lot more clearly than you did before you started the IV therapy.

IV Hydration for Athletic Performance

Increase endurance and recovery with IV threatments

The ninth benefit is that it is a common choice for a lot of athletes. This is because these are the people who are more likely to suffer from tired muscles, exhaustion, and muscle spasms. But with the IV therapy treatments, the athletes will be able to replenish the vitamins and minerals that they could have lost. Therefore, it will improve the recovery time for the workouts. Plus, they are going to work to make sure that they are properly hydrated when they have done a lot of sweating that is usually accompanied by a workout.

Help Flush out Toxins

The last benefit is that it helps to fight off some of the effects the environmental toxins can have on a person. The toxins that might be in your environment can have a huge effect on your health and your appearance. But the IV therapy will supply your body with all of the antioxidants that it needs to be able to fight off any of the premature signs of aging. Plus, it will be able to flush the body from the harmful toxins that are inside of the body. Therefore, your body will be able to work efficiently than it did before IV therapy.

The Power of Music

Is music the hidden element in healing of mind and body?

There have been amazing stories of people healing from terminal illness using music therapy as part of their recovery. And that doesn’t surprise me at all.

As science progresses, and we find out more about what the world is made of, the importance of vibrations and waves becomes more apparent. In physics there is a lot of evidence showing that what we see as solid matter is really a combination of tiny vibrating elements. This is what’s called wave theory and is driving a lot of discoveries together with quantum mechanics.

And in the psychology, it’s been widely established that our brains rely on brain waves and vibrations. These vibrations are what make us relaxed or anxious, angry or loving, happy or sad.

So it’s no surprise that music, which is basically just vibrations, have a tremendous effect on us as human beings. Music can help us focus, or unwind. It can make us feel sad or happy and joyful.

I think there should be a lot more research on how music affects us, both in the short term and in the long term.